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Empanelment of CA/ ICWA for Special Audit of GST Assesses under Section 66 and for seeking of Experts Assistance Under Section I 53 of the GST Act 2017.
Notification -Supply of Diesel to Fishermen.
Issuance and use of C-Form declaration under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 from 1st April 2021 onwards.
Removal of Difficulties order to extend the time limit for reassessment under Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003 for the year 2016-17 by Three Months till 31st July 2021
Removal of Difficulties order to extend the time limit for assessment under KTEG Act,1979 ( Entry Tax) for the year 2016-17 by Three Months till 31st July 2021.
Removal of Difficulties Order extending last date for payment of tax under KTPTC& E Act, 1976 ( Profession Tax) till 30th June 2021.
Removal of Difficulties Order relating to Profession Tax Act (KTPTC&E)
Karasamadhana Scheme-2021
KSS 2021 User Manual
KSS 2021 Notification
FOR GST RELATED ISSUES, PLEASE VISIT CTD's Web: AND MAKE USE OF THE CONTENTS DEPLOYED THEREIN. KST - Special procedure for filing of returns under KST, no extension of timeline.
For New registration of employers under Professional Tax, Auto Approval & Generation of User name & Password has been enabled on the PT Website -
Notification for online issue of registration under Profession Tax Act.
KST (Amendment)Rules-2019 Restrospective amendment to Explanation-IV in Rule6 of KST Rules 1957.(Applicable to Oil Marketing Companies)
KVAT (Amendment)Rules-2019 Restrospective amendment to Explanation-IV in Rule3 of KVAT Rules 2005.(Applicable to Oil Marketing Companies)
Certification of amounts eligible as Interest free Loan under KGST Act as Industrial Incentives.
Application for a Certificate of Registration under PT Act.
Guidelines for Deductions and Deposits of TDS by the DDOs of State.
Reduction rate of tax on Petrol and Diesel.
DGSTO-02 offices shifted to New Building at Rajareshwarinagar, Bangalore and New Telephone numbers alloted to officers of DGSTO-2
Amendment to Notification No.FD 115 CSL 2007 (12) dated 30-03-2007.
Notification for Waiver of Late fee for the month of August & September 2017.
Karasamadhana Scheme-2017 - Gazette copy.
Budget 2017-18 - Notification - Gazette copy.
The Karnataka Value added Tax (Amendment) Act, 2017 - Gazette copy.
Notification exempting Paddy, Rice, Wheat and Others..
Karasamadhana Scheme-2017..
Appointment of Chief Vigilance Officer and Vigilance Officer..
Extention of due date of filing return and payment of tax for october-2016..
Reduction of rate of tax on CC TV camera.
CCT Circular No.23 - Judgment in the case of State of Karnataka Vs M/s United Breweries Ltd
Commissioner's Notification dated:20th January 2016 reg. Online filing of appeal by dealers (e-Appeal).
Luxury Tax Notification Exempting ICUs.
--> GOLDEN AWARD for e-SUGAM Project of CTD, Karnataka by GOI under National Awards for e-Goverance -2011-12